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It has been long and exciting years in preparation of this book. I hope you will find it as inspirational as I have anticipated it to be. I humbly appreciate your kindness and support. Thank you!

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  • “Life is about questions and the ability to answer them. Success is about how many of those answers we get right.”

    — JS Basnet

  • “Yesterday cannot be undone, and tomorrow is unknown. You must live in the present and accept each new moment with curiosity, ready to conquer the challenge of now.”

    — JS Basnet

  • “Struggles are part of life. They become habit once you are used to taking them as challenges. Some people falter and breakdown while the rest stand up and fight against them.”

    — JS Basnet

  • “Believing in determination, luck, and most importantly, hard work takes a person towards the goal.”

    — JS Basnet



Section: Novel

Author: JS Basnet

Publisher: Self publication


Title: Girl Trafficking in Nepal, An Overview

Section: Paper series

Author: JS Basnet

Publisher: SAFHR paper series-1

Year: 1997

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